As mommies who travel a lot with our babies, we are always on the look out for convenient things that allow us to strike the right balance between our baby’s comfort and portability.  Moomboo solves the sleep/play/change/travel problem, but as promised, we will be sharing our tips about all things baby.

Food is a topic that is close to both our hearts. As mediterranean’s who love to eat, we want to share that passion with our babies so they can grow up to be good, hearty, healthy eaters.  We believe that both homemade food and organic baby food jars contain lots of healthy minerals and great nutrition for our babies. Here are three of our favourite travel feeding options:

1) The Little Green Pouch – this is a phenomenal idea, that allows you to put your own homemade food inside a squeezable pouch. Young babies learn to squirt this into their mouth early, so its a perfect solution for those independent babies that want to self feed, as it maximizes the likelihood that food will land inside their mouth!  It is also great for older children who want to eat a hearty meal on the road.  It is a shame they only do this in the US and Canada for now.

2) Squirt Spoon Baby Food Dispenser– for those who like to be  fed with a spoon, here is a great mess free idea. It is a spoon that holds your baby’s food inside it. You can put both baby jar food or your own homemade version.

3) B. Box Essential Baby Bottle– if you’ve  moved on to formula (or were always on it) to complement your weaning, you probably crave a bit more mobility to avoid being chained to the house for what seems to be endless baby meals! (can you say 3 solid feeds and 3 bottles!?) This bottle holds the powder to dispense and the water separately, until you’re ready to mix them! It also looks nice, just the way we like it.

All of these options will allow your baby to self feed when ready, but will minimize the mess for you, and make your life easier as you travel. That is just the way we like things to be at Moomboo!

What are your best on the road mess free tips?


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