Unnecessary Baby Paraphernalia

So you’ve out you’re having a baby – congratulations! After the excitement, celebrations, and day dreaming about your future little thing, the panic sets in. All the things you have to buy can become quite overwhelming. We’ve been there, so we want to help you avoid some of the same mistakes we made by sharing our no need to buy list to save you some money! Once moomboo hits the stores you’ll be able to eliminate more from your list all together, but for now, here are 3 things you can definitely do without (although there is 1 you may still want to buy anyway). This is the first post of our series called – “Unnecessary Baby Paraphernalia” so do keep coming back to visit us to learn more!

This photo showcases the Baby Jogger with 2 maxi cosi seats, but they can easily be converted to normal seats, or basinets

1. Two Prams/Buggies– you do not need a travel and a day pram. Don’t be suckered into buying two. Just find one that suits your family planning style. One of us fell for the trap and ended up buying the City Select Baby Jogger and the City Select Mini. While both prams are lovely, we could have just stuck to the first one as its compact enough to travel with and can incorporate the maxi cosi seat on it when you’re traveling by car or plane a further so you don’t have to take a pram plus a car seat. In addition, it fits two kids on the same frame so that when the family gets larger there is no need to buy another pram. The other one of us has the Bugaboo, which is sufficiently narrow to travel with anywhere. Having said that, its worth investing in a pram cover if you are traveling with the Bugaboo! (We will do a review of our prams in a later post for more details).

Korbell is a very easy to use, sleek design, but isn’t necessary!

2. Nappy/Diaper Bin– Besides being expensive, they are not that useful. We each bought one (a different model) and there was nothing wrong with them, but we could have saved ourselves the money. One of us lives in a house with various floors, and keeps the bin in the bathroom adjacent to the baby’s room on the top floor. Because the baby isn’t necessarily changed in his room every time, diapers end up getting thrown in the normal trash downstairs, or in the normal master bathroom bin. It makes no difference whether they are in the special bin or the regular bin – they are stinky anywhere!

I know we said SAVE money by not buying a nappy bag, BUT if you don’t buy all the stuff we mention on this blog, you can use the money saved to buy this one to use as your nappy bag for every day use! 😉

3. A Diaper Bag – Besides the fact that it is hard to find a fashionable, sleek, simple, well designed diaper bag*, it is just unnecessary  You can use a large bag that you already own. We’ve used a variety of bags ourselves but found that large open ended and easy to access are the best. You can always buy a  bag organiser for the inside if you’re one of those (as one of us is) that loves to have everything neatly stacked and easy to find. If you breastfeed and need to carry your bottles around you can always put your bottles in a bottle carrier inside your bag (you’ll have to invest in one of those anyway, whether it comes with a diaper bag or not).  It will be much cheaper and won’t cramp your style!

* Having said all of this, if you are going to buy one, the bottom of this blog shows an example of a diaper bag that doesn’t look like one (By Pitterpac)! It looks like a beautiful version of a Bottega Veneta bag, but is much cheaper; it has good internal organization system, and it comes in a stunning (unisex) individualistic color. What is not to love?

I know, we’re cheeky – good mommies who still want to look fashionable. But remember, there are many more things you can do without (who doesn’t love to have yet another gorgeous bag with the excuse that it is a diaper bag?). Stay tuned for more ideas on what you need not buy!

Pitterpac Changing Bag


We’d like to know what you wish you had saved up on too! Let us know – what are your top 3 unnecessary baby items?

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