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Happy holidays from moomboo!

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Dear moomboowers

As we both head out to celebrate the holidays with our families, we wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season.

We hope the New Year brings you love, health, and lots of happiness!

We will be back in January, but in the meantime we leave you with pictures of a few happy moomboo babies!


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Are you an Airport Security Virgin?

turquoise travel kitSo you’re off on holidays with your baby for the first time. We bet you’ve got a list of all the things you need to take (you may even have a color coordinated spreadsheet donated by your dear, experienced friend). Yes, we’ve all had our roadmaps for perfect travel. After a tedious packing session (who knew your heels would be relegated to the back of the closet, and you’d have to rely on just 1 pair of shoes to fit all your munchkin’s outfits?) you smugly head to the airport thinking you’ve got everything under control. And then you hit security. If you’re traveling alone this can be a daunting task, but even with your hubby or partner by your side, security can be a stressful experience – if you’re not prepared. Thus, moomboo has put together their top tips for zipping through security so you can enjoy a bit of R&R before getting on that plane to find out if your baby is one of the lucky ones who don’t cry in take off and landing!

You have three options to get through security. You can take your baby through in a pram, on a sling, or in a car seat. We find the sling is the best solution for multiple reasons:

  • turquoise suitcasesyou do not need to wake the baby to go through the metal detector
  • your hands are free to pick up your bags when you are on the other side
  • in many airports they would make you remove the baby from the pram or car seat before you go through the metal detector
  • airport security staff at most airports are instructed not to handle your baby making it difficult to gather your belongings while holding your baby

You have the following options when taking milk through security:

  • turquoise milk bottlesExpressed breast milk – believe it or not, security staff will ask you to take a sip (sometimes from each bottle), therefore, ensure you take a little bit more than you require in each bottle.
  • Formula cartons- if you’ve chosen to move on to formula, and you’re used to the ready-made formula cartons beware that depending on airport security staff, you may be asked to taste each carton. Obviously this means the carton is useless within two hours, and although some airport sell formula cartons, there is no guarantee you will find the specific one you use. Thus we find that formula powder is best for air travel.
  • Formula powder- We find this works best because it packs smaller. If you pre fill your bottles with water, put a bit of extra water in the bottle since you might have to taste it. If you use bottled water you might find taking empty bottles easier and just buying the water on the other side. Another alternative if you are ok with bottled water is to take pre-sterilised disposable bottles which take up even less space.

turquoise airplaneFinally, it is worth finding out if your departure airport has a family lane. Although these are slower, they can take the edge off going through security as there are other parents struggling to juggle prams, babies, toddlers, and bags. You’ll feel less self conscious if your baby is crying (once you’ve done this many times you’ll stop worrying about it).

In case you’re interested here is what our traveler mummies recommend:

  1. The Babasling has plastic fastening so you can go straight through the  metal detector. It is the only sling we have found where the baby is horizontal and thus you can sit without disrupting the baby’s sleep (and even go to the loo mid-flight without waking him/her)! Our friends also like the ErgoBaby as it is very good on your back.
  2. If you are carrying expressed breast milk  you may want to buy a tiny bottle carrier to keep your bottle at the right temperature lasting the full duration of the flight. We used the Tommee Tipee Closer To Nature, which clip onto the outside of your carry on bag (so they don’t take up packing space) and can be easily clipped to the seat in front of you so you can access quickly during take off and landing.
  3. For formula powder, we have found a few options Avent Milk Powder Dispenser, that converts into a snack pot, and the Babisil by Bebbeco that converts into food containers.

Did our post help? Please let us know your views! We hope you enjoy your flight!

The Best Newborn Baby Presents

People often ask us what to get their friends who have just had babies. After much thought, and consultation with our network of yummy new mommies, we’ve gathered our recommendations for the best newborn gifts. These happen to be ideal Christmas presents, so we hope we’ve made it on time to help make your shopping a little bit easier.

aden anais turquoise 1. Aden and anais muslin swaddles– These are the ultimate multi-tasker and their great designs make them a stylish new mummy must have. We use them to wipe, wrap, line, swaddle, and cover. They make an ideal shade/cover for the pram when the baby is asleep, a great pram liner for those hot summer days (its breathable and helps regulate body heat in extreme heat), not to mention the fact that they are the best swaddle for hot summer nights.  Your friends will thank you again and again as they will use them all the time.  We never leave the house without ours!

2. Babasling – This was given to one of us as a present, and it saved our life during the first couple of months when the baby wants to be attached to mummy permanently! We still use it when travelling to pass through security (because it doesn’t beep when going through the machine so you can keep your baby on you if they are asleep). It is also ideal to hold the baby close during the flight (hands free!), meaning they are more likely to sleep the entire way. There are many slings on the market, but we have found that this one works the best because the baby can be horizontal (meaning you can sit on the sofa without disrupting their sleep, among other things). It also washes brilliantly, and is extremely discrete for breastfeeding, so you do not need to buy a “hooter cover”. Be brave and go for a bold colour; maybe turquoise?

The-White-Company-Woven-Check-Blanket3. Baby blankets from the White Company – An affordable and extremely practical present. We have tried many cellular baby blankets and this is by far the best quality one. Comes in pink, blue and white with a satin finish which is soft against the baby’s skin. We also love the White Company’s boxes, which you can later use in the nursery to store outgrown baby clothes  in a beautiful, tasteful fashion.

4. Trumpette socks – These are so cute. They come as mary janes or ballet shoes for girls and as little trainers for boys. Most first time mummies have seen them around but do not know what they are called or where to get them so they make a good gift. The fact that they stay on the baby’s feet is what makes them so special! What’s more, you can never have too many Trumpette socks.

turquoise sleep suit jojo mamman bebe

5. Sleepsuits – A staple for any newborn, and trust us, one can never have too many. We love the striped ones from Jojo Maman Bebe (they have a great little insert to go over the baby’s tiny hands to prevent scratches in those early weeks). Our mummy friends are also crazy for the softness of the Kissy Kissy range.

6. Logan the lion by Lamaze – One of the first toys one of our babies ever noticed and continues to love. It makes a sweet purrrring sound when it moves which captivates babies. We have noticed that people are reluctant to buy toys for newborns and usually opt for clothes or accessories. We ourselves were unprepared and did not have any toys in readiness for our babies to play, so this makes a good present that new parents can have ‘in stock’ for when the right time comes.

jacadi baby shoes7. Baby shoes from Jacadi – To add a touch of luxury….the Jacadi baby shoes come in many different designs and are made of very soft leather – just perfect for those tiny little feet! We always opt for a couple of sizes bigger so that the baby can wear them at around three months. The Jacadi packaging makes all the difference…

8. Sleeping Bags from JoJo Maman Bebe – Here at moomboo corner we are passionate about safe sleeping. These sleeping bags make a lovely present as an alternative to swaddling or as a follow-on to swaddling. We love all the cute designs!

icon blue woomboo

9. Moomboo Combining sleeping, playing and changing facilities in a portable pod, the moomboo means that parents do not need to buy a changing mat, play gym or travel cot. Buy one for your next baby shower, just in time to save new parents from buying superflous baby paraphernalia. (To get on the wait list, email We aim to make moomboo available early next year. To keep up with the latest developments follow us on twitter and facebook).

What do you think of our list? Please share with us your ideas for new baby presents or your views on any of the products we have featured. We look forward to including your recommendations in our next post!

Top 10 Baby Items you are Likely to Forget on a Long Haul Flight

So you know we are all about comfort and efficiency when traveling, especially when you have to worry about all the things your baby needs. Just when you think you have the perfect travel formula all figured out, you forget those few key essentials for the long haul flights. Sure, moomboo will provide your little one with a comfortable, safe place to sleep, play and be changed while on the plane, but there are other little bits and bobs you shouldn’t do without.
We’ve compiled, thanks to our great network of jet set yummy mummies, the top 10 most likely to forget list when you’re traveling on a long haul flight. Hopefully you won’t have to go through the same little hiccups we encountered when we forgot these!

  1. A blind/shade, so your baby can sleep even when the airplaine lights go back on (an aden anais swaddle; our favourite on the market would do just fine)
  2. Air mist for you and the baby – as the air gets very dry- specially if you have a little one that has a predisposition to eczema (like one of our munchkins)
  3. Multiple change of clothes for you and the baby (can you say, baby nausea all over mommy or daddy during a take off or landing? Yes, we’ve been there WITHOUT a change of clothes. Yuk.)
  4. A headset for the baby – nothing like a little classical music to put your little one to rest and alienate them from the loud noises in the plane (although they do like the engine’s white noise, there is no need to hurt their eardrums!)
  5. A comfy sling to walk the baby around and carry them through security – we love the Babasling as it isn’t metallic and can easily fit through airport security on you so that if the baby is sleeping you don’t have to take them out or wake them up (unless you run into a crabby security person that makes you do that anyway).
  6. An Ipad with downloaded baby friendly clips – have you seen the Baby’s First Stroller Book? Its a great little animated booklet that with plenty of visual stimuli for your pumpkin to soak in during the long flight. (This gives you the perfect excuse to get a cute little iPad cover to prevent your munchkin from chewing all over the screen).
  7. Lots of wipes – not only for the nappy changing(which we are sure you already thought of), but to clean pacifiers, toys, and the seat around you that the baby could lick/touch and meddle around with. You may also want to take extra blankets to put the baby on if they already roll around (otherwise your moomboo will suffice for this)!
  8. Emergency Calpol/Benadryl – We know, we know, a lot of doctors may not officially endorse this idea, but even our paediatrician winked at us when we mentioned this. It can be a life saver when you have 8 more hours to go and your baby shows no sign of settling down- really!
  9. 7 Disposable pre-sterilized bottles – you never know how long your flight will be delayed, and if you’re into the simple, compact, convenient disposable world these are it. On the other hand, if you prefer not to use disposable items, then don’t forget a bottle brush and some non bio detergent (in a less than 100ml container)  to clean those bottles on the plane!
  10. Nappy sacs – not necessarily for the nappies, but for all the waste that you accumulate with a baby on board! Although airlines provide them, you may just want to bring your own so you don’t depend on a stewardess to bring you some when you’re desperate to put something stinky, or sticky away!

Although the above is a result lots of air miles (can you say Korea, Thailand, China, Japan, US, Mexico and Argentina?), we are sure we’ve forgotten something too! What are your top picks to make it on this list?