Are you an Airport Security Virgin?

turquoise travel kitSo you’re off on holidays with your baby for the first time. We bet you’ve got a list of all the things you need to take (you may even have a color coordinated spreadsheet donated by your dear, experienced friend). Yes, we’ve all had our roadmaps for perfect travel. After a tedious packing session (who knew your heels would be relegated to the back of the closet, and you’d have to rely on just 1 pair of shoes to fit all your munchkin’s outfits?) you smugly head to the airport thinking you’ve got everything under control. And then you hit security. If you’re traveling alone this can be a daunting task, but even with your hubby or partner by your side, security can be a stressful experience – if you’re not prepared. Thus, moomboo has put together their top tips for zipping through security so you can enjoy a bit of R&R before getting on that plane to find out if your baby is one of the lucky ones who don’t cry in take off and landing!

You have three options to get through security. You can take your baby through in a pram, on a sling, or in a car seat. We find the sling is the best solution for multiple reasons:

  • turquoise suitcasesyou do not need to wake the baby to go through the metal detector
  • your hands are free to pick up your bags when you are on the other side
  • in many airports they would make you remove the baby from the pram or car seat before you go through the metal detector
  • airport security staff at most airports are instructed not to handle your baby making it difficult to gather your belongings while holding your baby

You have the following options when taking milk through security:

  • turquoise milk bottlesExpressed breast milk – believe it or not, security staff will ask you to take a sip (sometimes from each bottle), therefore, ensure you take a little bit more than you require in each bottle.
  • Formula cartons- if you’ve chosen to move on to formula, and you’re used to the ready-made formula cartons beware that depending on airport security staff, you may be asked to taste each carton. Obviously this means the carton is useless within two hours, and although some airport sell formula cartons, there is no guarantee you will find the specific one you use. Thus we find that formula powder is best for air travel.
  • Formula powder- We find this works best because it packs smaller. If you pre fill your bottles with water, put a bit of extra water in the bottle since you might have to taste it. If you use bottled water you might find taking empty bottles easier and just buying the water on the other side. Another alternative if you are ok with bottled water is to take pre-sterilised disposable bottles which take up even less space.

turquoise airplaneFinally, it is worth finding out if your departure airport has a family lane. Although these are slower, they can take the edge off going through security as there are other parents struggling to juggle prams, babies, toddlers, and bags. You’ll feel less self conscious if your baby is crying (once you’ve done this many times you’ll stop worrying about it).

In case you’re interested here is what our traveler mummies recommend:

  1. The Babasling has plastic fastening so you can go straight through the  metal detector. It is the only sling we have found where the baby is horizontal and thus you can sit without disrupting the baby’s sleep (and even go to the loo mid-flight without waking him/her)! Our friends also like the ErgoBaby as it is very good on your back.
  2. If you are carrying expressed breast milk  you may want to buy a tiny bottle carrier to keep your bottle at the right temperature lasting the full duration of the flight. We used the Tommee Tipee Closer To Nature, which clip onto the outside of your carry on bag (so they don’t take up packing space) and can be easily clipped to the seat in front of you so you can access quickly during take off and landing.
  3. For formula powder, we have found a few options Avent Milk Powder Dispenser, that converts into a snack pot, and the Babisil by Bebbeco that converts into food containers.

Did our post help? Please let us know your views! We hope you enjoy your flight!


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