About Us

We are two first time moms. As Mediterraneans living in London, we travel a lot to our respective countries in order to ensure our babies can see their grandparents and extended families as much as possible.

Just like every new parent, we (and our network of NCT mummies) tried all sorts of gadgets and baby paraphernalia: baby co-sleepers, baby pods, travel cots, small bedside cribs, co-sleepers, inflatable and/or portable play gyms, various nappy changing solutions and stations, etc. And like most new parents we found ourselves getting crowded out of our living space and regretting half the things we had bought.

We realized that certain components of existing products could be combined and improved to create more a efficient, comfortable and less cumbersome baby sleeping, playing and changing solution. Besides finding something that was comfortable for our babies that would allow us to continue to sleep train on the road, we wanted something that allowed us to maintain our mobile lifestyle. This something needed to fit in our hand luggage so we could avoid checking things in on planes again (after all, we were used to our weekend escapades which we would need to forgo if waiting for luggage was re-introduced into the equation). This is how the idea for moomboo was born – the portable multifunctional  baby sleeping pod.

While moomboo will hit the stores soon, we wanted to start a blog that kept in theme with portable, multifunctional yet beautiful baby gear, to help other parents avoid buying duplicative and unnecessary baby paraphernalia like we did.  This blog will divulge our best travel, sleep training, and efficient baby gadget buying tips. So watch this space and let us know what you think!!!

We want to hear from you! Please let us know what you think.

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