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5 ways to start off the New Year!

Yes! It’s resolution time. Or you may be thinking “yuk, resolution time, I don’t have time”. If you’re a new mom that is how you may feel. No time to think about yourself, just time to keep doing what you love doing – taking care of others and particularly your new bundle of joy. Although easier said than done, setting time aside for yourself could be the best thing you do for your family. A happy mommy is a happy baby, husband and household. So, this year, why not focus on you a little bit too? We will make it easy and share out top 5 tips, to get “a new you” ready for 2013!

bikram yoga postures1. A Bikram Yoga Session – or maybe two, or if yo’ure up for it a 30 day challenge! Although it is a big time commitment (1.5 hours for the class, getting there and back and having to take an extra shower to get rid of all the sweat), it is well worth it. Not only is it great physical exercise for your body and a great way to relax your mind, but it is also wonderful for detoxing, debloating, and giving your skin a makeover. Your skin will be radiant, soft and clean. Oh, and did we mention that there is one posture (n23) that equals a great night sleep? For those of us who could use with a few more hours in the night THIS posture is the one for you.  You can practice Bikram anywhere in the world, but if you’re in London we highly recommend @SoHotBikramYoga (especially the Victoria studio). The owner Lorraine is a hoot, and the staff is super welcoming. They also do Pregnancy Series which are a great way to prepare for labour (in case you’ve started the year with another little bun in the oven!)

2. Bobbi Brown BB Cream- Get a “new face” with the hottest beauty product of the moment. We have tried a few and the Bobbi Brown one is the best. It evens out skintone and gives a natural glow. It blends easily so it literaly takes a couple of minutes to put on. With SPF35 it is great for those long walks in the park with the pram.

sledge shoe turquoise3. LK Bennet Sledge Shoe– Get “new” legs. OK, yes you may have seen it on K Middy, but that is not why we are recommending the shoe. It’s actually a beautiful, comfortable heel that comes in multiple colours every season. The height is just right to wear for work and for a great night out with hubby. If you want to lengthen your legs with an easy fix, then why not splurge a little on a great sledge shoe? (Although we would probably go for the neutral tones, we couldn’t help ourselves from posting the acqua version). You don’t have to be in London to buy this, they sell online!

4. Return to Glory. Us busy mummies, do not get much of a chance for pampering. We have found that the London Return to Glory home massage and beauty service is a great little treat. HotStoneSchedule an appointment during baby’s long lunchtime nap. The therapist will show up on your doorstep with a massage table (and will even remember not to ring the bell and wake up the baby); she/he will recreate your own little spa in your home. They think of everything – they even bring their own spa music so if you close your eyes you might think that you are in a spa hotel in Thailand (even if it is just for an hour….)

5. Caramel baby and child photo studio- This is a favourite London secret. Every fortnight, the caramel baby&child Notting Hill boutique is converted into a photo studio. The professional photographer overseeing the shoot is amazing! We are not into having pictures of ourselves, but we wanted a nice natural picture as a family. Nana (for some of her shots click here), is the only one who managed to capture my baby, husband and me in the most natural and charming way. If you don’t live in the UK, the same theory applies: why not get a gorgeous, natural photo of your “new self” and the family? If you happen to live in Spain don’t miss Noonu photography, they do amazing family and baby shoots.

This is our frivolous take on pampering yourself just a bit. After all, you deserve it! Don’t feel guilty, just enjoy!!!!!!! And if you try any of these, please let us know your experiences!