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The Best Newborn Baby Presents

People often ask us what to get their friends who have just had babies. After much thought, and consultation with our network of yummy new mommies, we’ve gathered our recommendations for the best newborn gifts. These happen to be ideal Christmas presents, so we hope we’ve made it on time to help make your shopping a little bit easier.

aden anais turquoise 1. Aden and anais muslin swaddles– These are the ultimate multi-tasker and their great designs make them a stylish new mummy must have. We use them to wipe, wrap, line, swaddle, and cover. They make an ideal shade/cover for the pram when the baby is asleep, a great pram liner for those hot summer days (its breathable and helps regulate body heat in extreme heat), not to mention the fact that they are the best swaddle for hot summer nights.  Your friends will thank you again and again as they will use them all the time.  We never leave the house without ours!

2. Babasling – This was given to one of us as a present, and it saved our life during the first couple of months when the baby wants to be attached to mummy permanently! We still use it when travelling to pass through security (because it doesn’t beep when going through the machine so you can keep your baby on you if they are asleep). It is also ideal to hold the baby close during the flight (hands free!), meaning they are more likely to sleep the entire way. There are many slings on the market, but we have found that this one works the best because the baby can be horizontal (meaning you can sit on the sofa without disrupting their sleep, among other things). It also washes brilliantly, and is extremely discrete for breastfeeding, so you do not need to buy a “hooter cover”. Be brave and go for a bold colour; maybe turquoise?

The-White-Company-Woven-Check-Blanket3. Baby blankets from the White Company – An affordable and extremely practical present. We have tried many cellular baby blankets and this is by far the best quality one. Comes in pink, blue and white with a satin finish which is soft against the baby’s skin. We also love the White Company’s boxes, which you can later use in the nursery to store outgrown baby clothes  in a beautiful, tasteful fashion.

4. Trumpette socks – These are so cute. They come as mary janes or ballet shoes for girls and as little trainers for boys. Most first time mummies have seen them around but do not know what they are called or where to get them so they make a good gift. The fact that they stay on the baby’s feet is what makes them so special! What’s more, you can never have too many Trumpette socks.

turquoise sleep suit jojo mamman bebe

5. Sleepsuits – A staple for any newborn, and trust us, one can never have too many. We love the striped ones from Jojo Maman Bebe (they have a great little insert to go over the baby’s tiny hands to prevent scratches in those early weeks). Our mummy friends are also crazy for the softness of the Kissy Kissy range.

6. Logan the lion by Lamaze – One of the first toys one of our babies ever noticed and continues to love. It makes a sweet purrrring sound when it moves which captivates babies. We have noticed that people are reluctant to buy toys for newborns and usually opt for clothes or accessories. We ourselves were unprepared and did not have any toys in readiness for our babies to play, so this makes a good present that new parents can have ‘in stock’ for when the right time comes.

jacadi baby shoes7. Baby shoes from Jacadi – To add a touch of luxury….the Jacadi baby shoes come in many different designs and are made of very soft leather – just perfect for those tiny little feet! We always opt for a couple of sizes bigger so that the baby can wear them at around three months. The Jacadi packaging makes all the difference…

8. Sleeping Bags from JoJo Maman Bebe – Here at moomboo corner we are passionate about safe sleeping. These sleeping bags make a lovely present as an alternative to swaddling or as a follow-on to swaddling. We love all the cute designs!

icon blue woomboo

9. Moomboo Combining sleeping, playing and changing facilities in a portable pod, the moomboo means that parents do not need to buy a changing mat, play gym or travel cot. Buy one for your next baby shower, just in time to save new parents from buying superflous baby paraphernalia. (To get on the wait list, email We aim to make moomboo available early next year. To keep up with the latest developments follow us on twitter and facebook).

What do you think of our list? Please share with us your ideas for new baby presents or your views on any of the products we have featured. We look forward to including your recommendations in our next post!


Top 10 toys for the Holidays!

Has your baby started to look lovingly at your iPhone as if it is its next meal? Then it is time to invest in some distractions, particularly with the Holidays right around the corner! With so much in the market to choose from, our network of jet setting mommies has shared with us their top 10 portable toys for babies aged 3 to 6+ months. What’s more, all of these retail for much under £20.

  1. Sophie la girafe – A French favourite for decades, Sophie has the added benefit of being a fantastic teether and  washable (for those clean-freak mommies, like one of us!). Repeated washes may make it loose its squeak (which is not always a bad thing!)
  2. Baby maracas and bells- We have not met a baby yet that does not love these. Extra portable and affordable, so you can always have one in your bag for ’emergencies’. You can buy many versions of this on amazon.
  3. Captain Calamari by Lamaze- It crinkles, it rattles, it shines and with 8 legs, it even entertains a couple of babies at the same time! (A close favourite is the Babyplay Octopus).
  4. Baby Touch books by Ladybird books- Many different ones to choose from and ideal for distraction when you need a minute to yourself!
  5. Sorting bus from the Early Learning Centre- One of those toys that will keep giving…babies tend to start playing with the shapes and re-discover the toy once they start understanding that the shapes fit in the bus. A bit on the bulky side, but we found that taking a couple of shapes with you in your bag does the trick.
  6. Edushape magic mirror crab bath toyWe all know that babies love mirrors! This features a baby safe mirror and has been a favourite for bathtime and beyond. Also a nice one to take on holidays as it can pack flat in your suitcase.
  7. Classic discovery book by Lamaze  This is one of our babies favourite. It has survived many holidays (including being thrown in the sea). Easy to hang on the pram, the baby gym or the moses basket. Babies just love that crinkly sound….
  8. Anything with tugs! What is it with tags and babies? They just love them  (I am hoping my baby is trying to understand washing instructions as most of them are a mystery for me). 
  9. Winkel by Manhattan Toy – Very good teething toy as babies cannot seem to leave it alone!
  10. Any electronic gadget that you frequently use – whatever is in your hands, your baby will want! Think remote control, iPad, blackberry, and basically anything else you do not want them to have! (Note, we are NOT suggesting you buy your  baby one of these. . .they don’t seem to like a copy version – it must be the original owned by mommy or daddy).

So that’s it. That is THE ultimate travel toy guide.  OK we know some of these will be noisy for the neighbour but the sound of the plane engine will nullify it, right?! 😉

Before we sign off though, we have to point out a caveat to this list: we had to restrain ourselves so as to not allow Lamaze toys to dominate it. We aren’t biased or anything, but every single one of the mommies coincided that 1 Lamaze toy equals endless hours of fun for a baby, which makes them great companions on long plane rides. Having said that, we tried to include a variety of toy options that work well, but, if in doubt you can’t go wrong with individual Lamaze toys!

In the meantime, we would be curious to know whether your baby’s favourite toy didn’t  make it on here? If you tell us what it is, we will add it to our next instalment of toy suggestions (as the above was just the beginning)!