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Baby Proofing in Style

Oh yes. It’s that time. Your baby is around 6 months and you keep saying to yourself that it is time to start baby proofing. If you’re like us, you procrastinate as you think to yourself, surely they can start crawling this soon. Until one day, without sending you a memo, they do.

Then starts the mad dash to trying to figure out what you need to do to baby proof. The list grows, as does your anxiety about all the things you need to buy. You ask yourself how its possible that your life has changed this much (for the better with a much bigger to do list), and then, if you’re concerned about aesthetics like us, you worry about the impact baby proofing gadgets will have on your flat or house. Well, no more! You can now baby proof in style.

The bulkiest and most visible of all baby proofing components, are the dreaded staircase gates. Below is our selection of top gates, that strike the right balance between safety and beauty.

1. Numi Gates  – these retail at £50 a pop in the UK, but they are worth every penny if you have hardwood dark floors or dark-wood furniture. They blend nicely with modern furnishings and spacious rooms.

Aesthetics and safety go hand in hand

2. KiddiGuard Avant and now KiddiGuard Accent– the former retails for £145 (+VAT) and the latter is a new version, which rolls into a thinner aluminium tube but just as effective and retails for £99 (+VAT). These are a great option for the reception room, or places you’ll have lots of visitors, because they can easily roll into an aesthetically pleasing aluminium tube which can go unnoticed. Great for fireplaces, or white staircases that are “in your face”.

3. Custom Made – and finally, (you should know us by now, we will give you a splurging option just in case) check out these beautiful custom made stair case gates- you would have to splash out for these though (and find a good carpenter or builder – ping us we can help!)

Have you come across any beautiful baby stair gates? If so, we’d love to hear from you! By the way, if you live in London and need these installed we know the perfect people to do so for you, all you have to do is ask and we’ll forward their details to you.